"The story is really well written with lots of twists and turns that keep you guessing and some very unique characters."

The Mysterious Phone Call: A Mud Street Misfits Adventure by Brian O’Dell and Beth Lauderdale is a fun read, ideally suited to its target audience. Each book in the series is based on one member of the gang. This time it’s Sarah and, together with the other characters, she has been well developed into a character you can relate to. This is a cool and fun adventure with a hint of the other-worldly in a plot that keeps you reading all the way through.

The story is really well written with lots of twists and turns that keep you guessing and some very unique characters. Great book; this is a series to watch out for.

Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reymonds for Readers' Favorite

“The Mud Street Misfits are perfect characters for a story like this. They teach encouragement, loyalty, love, and confidence..”

The Mysterious Phone Call by Brian O'Dell and Beth Lauderdale is the second novel in the Mud Street Misfits Adventure series. The story continues of the five best friends as they try to tackle a new mystery and find something new to save. The Mud Street Misfits were happy with things as they were; they were enjoying the time they spent with each other and nothing could bring them down. However, when Sara and David’s mother received a job offer in Chicago, Sarah knew that her time with her friends was limited. She really doesn’t want to leave her friends behind, but she has no other option. She is desperate to find any way that will encourage her mother to stay. So when she finds out that the mayor of their little town is going to demolish their beloved Orpheum Theater, she knows she has to do something about it. Can she and the Mud Street Misfits save the beloved theater or is it already too late?

This is such an encouraging and engaging novel. I remember being engrossed in such stories when I was young and I believe that the younger audience will love this. The Mud Street Misfits are perfect characters for a story like this. They teach encouragement, loyalty, love, and confidence. I enjoyed the dynamic between these friends; they treated each other carefully and equally. Everyone’s opinion was important; everyone had a responsibility and a part to play.

These are intelligent children; they know what they need to do and how they need to do it. The best part is they believe in working together and they thrive on it. This is such a great lesson to teach youngsters and the author has done it in a delightfully entertaining way.

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers' Favorite


Why does a job matter so much? Home, family, friends ... roots, that's what's important!

The Mud Street Misfits are back and this time Sarah needs their help! Join them as, with help from the 'other side', they fight to save the Orpheum Theater before it's too late!

Sarah's mom has taken a new job in Chicago and now they have to move ... again! But Sarah loves Ozark. She's lived here since the 4th grade and even formed The Mud Street Misfits with her brother David, and best friends, Liam, Connor, and Molly. She can't bear the thought of leaving the things she loves, but she has no choice. She's never been able to speak up for herself and this time is no different.

When she finds out that cold-hearted and ruthless Mayor Scott is planning to demolish the beautiful old relic, the Orpheum Theater, she is determined to save it. She may have to leave the town and people she loves, but she can at least leave behind a beloved landmark for the people of Ozark to enjoy.

As the Misfits race against the clock to save the old building they discover that there is much more to the Orpheum Theater than what can be seen with the naked eye.


Meet the authors

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Brian O’Dell

After long days working in an office, Brian spent many nights reading books and telling stories of adventures to his four children. Building off inspiration from his family, the stories became bigger and more animated and the request for stories became more frequent. Brian has always told his children to explore the world and chase their dreams. With encouragement and support from his family, Brian made the decision to follow one of his own dreams, writing down and sharing his stories with other Misfits!


Beth Lauderdale

A Misfit herself, Beth’s fascination with all things “woo-woo” goes back to her childhood where she spent many hours in fantasy worlds of her own creation. As an adult, knowing there was more to life than just what we see with our eyes, she began an exploration of these fascinating other realms. A love of writing and the desire to share her knowledge sparked the creation of many short stories. Now, Beth is excited to share her love of the unknown with a new generation of readers and fellow Misfits!


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